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The Best Salmon Sushi Bake Recipe

Salmon Sushi Bake recipe is a fan’s dream potluck! It’s a breeze to prepare and always a favorite of the family. This delicious and creamy sushi bake is filled with imitation crab and salmon. The sushi bake can be enjoyed independently, with a salad as a side dish or crispy seaweed sheets. Serve it with your favorite toppings like cucumbers, furikake, avocado, or tobiko. In this article I want to share this Salmon Sushi Bake Recipe.

Salmon Sushi Bake Recipe
Salmon Sushi Bake Recipe

What Exactly is Salmon Sushi Bake Recipe?

The sushi baked was popular on TikTok for a long duration. The spicy salmon sushi bake is packed with all the wonderful flavors of an incredibly spicy salmon roll. Still, it’s cooked in warm butter and served with avocado, sliced jalapenos, and an addition of nori.

Have you ever wanted to make sushi at home but needed the time equipment, equipment, or the right technique? You can try this easy recipe for Salmon Sushi Bake!

Mixing your favorite sushi flavors with the ease of an easy casserole, this delectable dish is ready in just over an hour. Making sushi at home for dinner is possible without having to break out bamboo rollers!

Seaweed, sushi rice, and a creamy salmon mix are baked and then garnished with spicy mayo avocado, green onion, chopped cucumber sesame seeds, and a gluten-free homemade eel sauce.

The flavor and texture of the hot fish sushi roll inspired this recipe. This recipe doesn’t claim the dish as authentic like sushi rolls, but it is easy to make sushi at your own home!

Baked Sushi Ingredients

Sushi rice is made by mixing Japanese rice with salt, rice vinegar, and sugar. The rice should have a lovely fluffy, slightly sticky texture. This uncooked sushi rice is a very popular brand

Furikake is a Japanese condiment that is used to flavor rice has seaweed, sugar, sesame seeds, and salt. I keep this in my pantry to add flavor to plain rice. You can also sprinkle it on popcorn.

There are many different flavors, but the one I use this.

Kewpie mayo – This Japanese mayo differs from mayonnaise from the United States. It’s a bit richer (Kewpie mayonnaise is made from eggs and yolks, not entire eggs) and a little sweet. It’s possible to use regular mayonnaise in the event you wish; however, the Kewpie mayonnaise is more flavorful and has a more umami taste.

It is possible to substitute it with regular mayonnaise if you cannot locate Kewpie, though the taste is definitely worth the price. For a spicy mayonnaise, simply add Sriracha. You can purchase it at most Asian supermarkets or on the internet. It is a Japanese-style mayonnaise that tends to be smoother and sweeter in consistency than traditional mayonnaise available in your typical American supermarket because it has egg yolks within it.

Imitate crab. Also known as surimi or Kani, the ingredient is a paste created from fish. It is available in packages of this in the supermarket near the counter for seafood or in the freezer section of the Asian market.

Salmon. Salmon The main ingredient in the protein used in this dish. Because the fish is cooked before cooking, any salmon can be used. There’s no need to buy sashimi-grade salmon. You can leave it out or substitute it for tuna, shrimp, or unagi in place.

The roasted Seaweed. You’ll have to make a small amount of rice and place the rice on top of the roasted seaweed. You can get a full sheet and cut it into squares, or buy pre-cut roasted seaweed

Unagi Sauce. This sauce is usually used to flavor unagi. You can purchase it at most Asian supermarkets or on the internet.

Togarashi (Optional). A Japanese spice mix with a mild kick.

Scallions – Aromatics to mix with salmon.

Sushi Rice

  • Rice – I used short-grain Japanese rice which is a type of white rice. You can also use the short grain Japanese brown rice or another kind of rice with a short grain.
  • Rice Vinegar is Used for making salt for sushi rice.
  • Sugar is used to make sushi rice seasoning, as well.
  • Furikake seasoningused to enhance the rice and give it a wonderful seaweed taste

Garnishes and Others

  • Avocado Slices gives to the bake of sushi an amazing creamy topping
  • Jalapeno cut into smaller pieces that provide the bake with a subtle kick
  • Bonito flakes– a delicious dried fish topping that accentuates the flavor of this dish
  • Green Onion, Togarashi, Furikake, Kewpie mayo, Unagi sauce – more to garnish
  • Seaweed Sheets – Used to serve the baked sushi in. It can be found in your favorite Asian market. They are typically available in huge sheets, which means breaking them down into smaller chunks. You can also buy seaweed snack packs. However, you may have to layer them as they are typically flimsier.

What Do You Need to Prepare Sushi Bake



  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup mirin
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • thickener thickness: 1/2 tbsp cornstarch + 1 tbsp of water


  • avocados
  • cucumbers
  • Tobiko (fish roe)
  • seaweed sheets 
  • salad
  • sriracha hot sauce


A salmon sushi roll is a deconstructed sushi roll cooked to the highest standards. It is made of flaky salmon paired with delicious creamy sauce, then placed over sushi rice. It’s baked and served with seaweed sheets, meant to be sucked and eaten as wraps. It’s a simple sushi cake recipe that takes around 20 minutes.


This salmon-based sushi recipe isn’t typically a healthy option because it is made up of high-fat ingredients, which increase the calories in the dish.

The reason the dish is so calorific-dense is because of the following:

  • Kewpie mayo is also a significantly high-fat and calorie-dense food item
  • Salmon, while a healthy protein source, is also packed with fat due to omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it more calorific dense
  • Similar to salmon, avocado, as well as salmon, can be healthy but is very calorific dense.
  • Rice can quickly add calories if it needs to be portioned with care.


The sushi bake with salmon is easy to make it takes only 20 minutes.

Prepare the rice. Start by boiling it in the rice cooker following the directions on the package.

Preparing the oven: Turn the oven to 400F, and let it heat while preparing the dish for baking.

Slice the fish in half and mix the sauce with it. In the bowl of a big one, mix the mayo from kewpie, the unagi sauce togarashi, scallions, and. Mix until well combined. Slice the fish into small bite-sized pieces. Mix the pieces into the marinade.

Sprinkle the rice with salt after the rice has finished cooking. Mix the sugar and rice vinegar to create the vinegar mixture. Then, mix it with the rice that has been cooked. Place the cooked sushi rice you have seasoned to a layer in the base of your baking dish.

Include the layer of furikake and sprinkle the furikake layer over your baking dish with rice.

Slice the salmon into pieces. Mix the salmon, the Kewpie mayonnaise Sriracha, and the whites of the green onions in your bowl. Optionally, you can add imitation crab meat. I wan’t add it. Mix gently until you blend all the ingredients.

Then, make sure to spread the salmon mixture mix over the rice evenly. Then, place the dish on the middle rack in the oven at 400°F for about 15 minutes until the salmon is completely cooked.

Serve and garnish Garnish by adding additional scallions, unagi sauce, kewpie mayo furikake, and togarashi, along with bonito chips. Serve with jalapeno and avocado, should you wish, and use nori (seaweed) sheets.

SERVING Instructions

Serve this sushi cake wrapped with a seaweed sheet. Scoop a portion of the sushi bake onto nori sheets and eat it in a hand roll or wrap.

You can also spice it up with soy sauce to add flavor.


Salmon to bake sushi –Unlike other sushi recipes, you do not need to buy sashimi-grade salmon for this recipe, provided the salmon has been cooked. Any salmon purchased from the local supermarket can be used.

Nori Sheets Nori Sheets Nori sheets usually come in huge sheets of paper. Cut the sheets into pieces that can be used for serving.

Substitutions and Variations

Muffins. Another version of making this recipe as muffins.

Change the protein can be changed up Unagi and crabmeat could be delicious with this recipe.

Consume in casserole form. Eat in casserole form Eliminate the nori sheets, and enjoy this dish as a stand-alone casserole dish.

Spice it up and add a kick to the dish. Include the sriracha sauce along with the salmon dressing for an added spice.

Change the rice. Short-grain Japanese brown rice could be a good choice as well.

Use traditional Western mayonnaise, If there isn’t Kewpie mayo, you could make traditional mayonnaise.

Serve with fish roe Masago or fish roe would also be a fantastic topping to this dish, enhancing the seafood flavor.


What kind of seafood can I choose to use? 

Honestly, whatever you enjoy! I suggest imitation crab, salmon scallops, shrimp, and canned tuna (Korean over American brand). It is delicious raw too, but make sure you are using sushi-quality fish.

Can this be served cold?

I prefer it warm since the cream cheese and mayo combine and are cozy and gooey. It is also okay to have it cold too. It is important to ensure that the rice is not frozen and hard from the refrigerator. A cold-cooked version will be best served using imitation crab or raw fish.

Is it possible to make this without cream cheese or mayo?

Leave out the mayonnaise and substitute additional cream cheese, or in reverse to keep the creaminess. I would not leave out both because the creaminess makes a sushi cake an actual bake. Also you can use a sour cream.

What is a substitute for Sriracha?

 If you dislike spicy food, you can take it completely. You can also swap out your preferred chilli paste. I recommend gochujang if you want a Korean flair or sambal; it is an Indonesian chilli sauce and garlic sauce.

What is the best way to heat it?

 If I have leftovers, I typically put them in the refrigerator and then heat them to a boil using the microwave. It’s usually great as leftovers for several days.

How to storage it?

To preserve the salmon sushi bake, wrap it in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days.

Tips and Tips

Salmon to bake sushi – Unlike other sushi recipes, you do not need to buy sashimi-grade salmon for this recipe, as this recipe cooks the salmon. Any salmon you can find at the local supermarket can be used. Nori Sheets are typically sold in huge sheets of paper. The sheets can be cut into smaller pieces before serving.


The salmon sushi baked is a great dish to serve when you’re craving an ice-cold sushi roll but want something easier to make. It’s as simple as creating the mixture of salmon and rice and baking it, then placing it on the seaweed sheet and eating it as wrapped.

This is a popular recipe salmon sushi for a great potluck to serve at your next dinner party.

This home-cooked spicy salmon sushi bake blends the wonderful flavors of a sushi restaurant with the convenience and ease of an easy casserole. Hot or cold the dish can be prepared in stages to create a quick evening sushi meal or as a stunning host appetizer. I hope that you are able to make salmon sushi bake by using this recipe! Also I recommend to cook Costco carrot cake in my performance. Enjoy!