Healing Foods Project Goals

In the United States, those living in poverty all too often find themselves practicing poor dietary habits that put them at an increased risk for lifestyle-based diseases and health concerns. People with limited income are less likely to be armed with information they need to lead a healthier life and subsequently, feel better.

In 2013, McAuley House, in partnership with Mary M. Flynn, PhD, RD, L.D.N. launched the Healing Foods Project with the primary goal of combating the diabetes, obesity and heart disease that disproportionately impacts those living in poverty.

Along the way, we identified additional goals and benefits:
  • Provide nutrition information that gives meal site guests a healthy foundation
  • Deliver healthy recipes with ingredients that are affordable, high in nutrients, and filling
  • Help meal site guests stretch their food budgets while improving the dietary quality of their food purchases
  • Make recipes, nutritional outcomes, and practices available to other meal sites and congregate meal settings to help improve the lives of even more people.