How to Get Started

The Process: Bringing The Healing Foods Project to your Meal Site

To help you get started with implementing the Healing Foods Project, we’ve pulled together some of the basic steps you need to know, and prepare for, to bring this wonderful program to your meal site.

What’s Needed?
Create an inventory of ingredients for the Healing Foods Project meals you plan to prepare. Compare this to your existing products to determine what needs to be purchased.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the key ingredient in all Healing Foods Project meals. You will need a large quantity of high quality extra virgin olive oil. Corto Olive Oil Company out of Stanislaus, CA produces a 10 liter bag-in-a-box at a great price. It is available through many food distributors.

Practice, Practice, Practice
You and your kitchen staff should make small batches of as many dishes as you can. Get a feel for what works for you.

Before serving your first Healing Foods Project dish, get together with staff and/or kitchen helpers to sample and discuss the meals. Getting everyone on board—from top administrators down—is critical to raising interest among your guests as you prepare to introduce new meals.

Patience and Consistency
Because these meals may be a change for your kitchen staff and those you serve, there may be some resistance at first. As the Healing Foods Project meals start to feel familiar, your guests will enjoy them as much as the other meals you serve.

The Healing Foods Project is all about healthy meals and improving health, so explaining the benefits to your kitchen staff and guests goes a long way in ensuring a smooth transition.

Showing the Healing Foods Video can also be a powerful way to educate people about the benefits of the program. You can watch the video here.