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Alluring Boyoz Bread Recipe

boyoz bread recipe
boyoz bread recipe

We are here to share Boyoz Bread Recipe. The recipe will be provided for you!

In Turkish cuisine, the boyoz pastry is usually eaten as breakfast with hard-boiled eggs and a strong cup of tea. The pastry could be plain or filled with various meat, cheese, or vegetable fillings. It is a commonplace for pastries to be cut specifically to show the filling used. For example, pastries with potato fillings can be triangular, pastries with spinach filling can be round or oval form, and those with zucchini or eggplant fillings can be square. It is, of course, not a rigid and strict standard.

Also, Boyoz bread has no fillings. This bread will be cooked without fillings. It is possible to test this recipe for Boyoz Bread.

What Exactly is Boyoz Bread?

Boyoz, a term that translates to “bundle” according to the Sephardic Ladino language, is one of the most popular Turkish snacks found in bakeries and market vendors on streets in Izmir. The Turkish town has been renowned for its pastry boyoz and various other Sephardic sweets from the time of 1500 when Sephardic Jews were fleeing the oppression of Spain and settled in Turkey. Boyoz pastry was originally prepared in the hands of Jewish bakers, with one of the most well-known bakers being Avram Usta. However, the tradition has evolved recently, and it is prepared and consumed by all Turkish communities.

Spinach is the main ingredient in various versions of boyoz.

The primary ingredients that make boyoz recipe are water flour, lemon juice, sesame paste referred to as Tahini, and sunflower oil. The ingredients are mixed and thoroughly kneaded by hand into the dough. It is then left to rest for around two hours.

Izmir is the only place in the world where commercially manufactured boyoz can be found and is the only one made according to the recipe originally used. It’s a blend of sunflower oil, bread flour, and Tahin (an oily paste made of ground sesame seeds that have been toasted and hulled).

Ingredients For Boyoz Bread Recipe

  • Four glasses of flour
  • One and a half glass of water that is warm
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of granulated sugar
  • To spread between:
  • 6 tablespoons of oil or butter


Mix sugar, salt, flour, and flour in your bowl.

Make sure the dough is soft and isn’t sticky to your hands by adding water bit by small.

The dough is divided into six equal parts, then roll them out.

Set them on a platter and coat them with vegetable oil, olive oil or butter.

Place the dough lumps you’ve made in a plastic bag, then let them rest for 20 minutes in this manner.

Place the remaining 3 pieces of dough onto the counter, and then open them using your fingers into the shape the size of a small cake plate. Put 2 teaspoons of butter soft down the center of everyone, being careful not to touch the edges.

Then, roll out the remaining three parts of the dough. Then, with no oil, cover them with fix the edges together by pressing them using your fingers.

Place a plastic bag over the thighs and allow them to rest for 50 minutes.

After that time, place one dough piece on the counter and push it out using your hands as far as possible. The thinner you can make it, the better. There could be tears, but that’s not the issue. If folded, they will not be apparent.

Then fold them into an envelope and make them into an unroll.

After repeating the process on the two remaining portions of dough, please place them in an airtight bag over them once more and allow them to sit for about half an hour.

Then, cut the dough into four pieces with your palm and bring each piece upright. Then, push one end towards the back to form it. Then, place this plain form in the baking tray.

After that, gently press them using your hands and flatten them without crushing them, then put the plastic bag over them once more and allow them to sit for about 50-60 minutes.

Bake in the preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees F) for 20-25 minutes or until the top has browned. But don’t let very high temperature oven.


You can use the boyoz that you’ve made and cooked, if you would like, you can place them into the freezer and later take them out to cook them. If you’d like to keep them in the fridge, place them in the bottom section of the fridge and then remove it the following day to cook them.


Bon Appetit! I hope you like my boyoz recipe of Turkish food that you can make at home. You can increase or reduce the ingredients. The food was cooked so well that I enjoyed its taste. I would highly recommend it. Are you interested in looking through the other dishes I have posted? I am certain that you’ll enjoy the many recipes I have created.